Piercing by Rach

~ Radford Studio

Using state of the art equipment and employing the highest standards of health and safety, you can be confident in getting the best treatment possible. With Rachels brilliant personality and bedside manner you can fall into a blissful trance during your piercing, or as we prefer to call, lux-earcing.

Please contact the Radford studio radford@grizzlyartcollective.com to book in or enquire about piercing.

ph: 02476 260464 mob: 07458 301617

Availability: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am - 6pm

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Earlobes                         £7 per lobe
Ear rim                         £20
Tragus                         £25
Anti-tragus                         £25
Snug                         £25
Helix                         £25
Industrial/Scaffold                         £30
Rook                         £25
Daith                         £25
Labret                         £25
Conch                         £25
Outter Conch                         £25
Madonna/Medusa                         £25
Snake bites                         £30
Nose                         £20
Septum                         £35
Tongue                         £30
Belly                         £25
Nipple(s)                         £30 or £55 for pair
Other jewellery available                         prices vary
Standard titanium based