Dygas Design T-Shirts

Currently we are stocking T-Shirts by Danny Dygas with unique designs that will make you the centre of attention at any social gathering. Using the highest quality techniques the fabriqué of the shirt will flow over your skin, caressing you in ways never thought possible. By wearing these shirts you will directly be supporting your favourite artist, you will own a small part of Dan's soul, as he imparts exactly 10 microns of soul into every design. Available in Small, Medium and Large. Contact studio for current pricing.

El Gato Negro Healing Balm

Hand crafted with care in small batches using the finest unrefined raw ingredients, each one chosen for its positive effect during the entire tattoo process from stencil to healed. Proven to speed up the natural healing process of tattoo work and cosmetic laser removal treatments, allowing ongoing work to be continued sooner. 100% Vegan, 100% Organic and 100% Natural. We stock the 15g tin for £3 and the 50g tin for £8.

Studio Gift Cards

What is the best gift for your loved one this year? Well, if they're over 18 get them a Grizzly Art Gift card! Through independent testing these gift cards are proven to increase happiness by a factor of 11. Available in any amount, go wild with this gift of excellence. Available to redeemed at any Grizzly Art Collective Studio, for Tattoos, Piercings or Laser treatments.